GNU-Darwin package installation instructions for Darwin users

These instructions have been supercede our Net Installation Instructions for Darwin-only users.

Sun Dec 8 22:45:22 EST 2000

Warning, these instructions are still a work in progress and may contain inaccuracies or omissions. Be sure to read the APSL and the GPL, so that you will know your rights. Send any email regarding this document to Please remember that we are in alpha, so this procedure is for the adventurous. Almost all the packages work, but there are still many problems. Join the project, if you want them fixed.

Note: We are transitioning to pre-beta, and some of the Developer's Release files have been overwritten by our new package format files. Those are the ones with the +files. You can install such packages with pkg_add according to the directions on the packages page.

1. In order to use our packages you will have to install the Darwin Base System. Get it from Apple, and follow the instructions that accompany it.

2. You will also need Xfree installed and working. See for details.

3. In addition, you will need GTK+ working to use most of the applications. If you have not yet installed GNU-Darwin, you will need to obtain the following "minimal install".

4. If you want to install WindowMaker, you will also need libProplist.

5. If you want to install xpdf, you will also need the following.

6. Untar each archive with tar -zxf. cd to the new directory and "make install". For example;

tar -zxf giflib-4.1.0.tgz
cd giflib-4.1.0
make install

7. If you have any troubles with the instructions above, just let me know.

8. That's all. You're done. Now, get to work porting software to GNU-Darwin.

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